<Have you ever wondered how live casino games work? From our side, it seems very simple. A dealer draws cards or online casino singapore spins roulette and a camera films everything. However, you simply don’t see many details just by looking at what’s going on. The cameras are positioned to hide certain elements of the view. This boosts your immersion, which is part of what live dealer games use to keep you invested.

Custom Built Studios

Most of the live casino games we play are run by special high-tech studios. Developers use these specially designed locations to power their versions. Many elements are things we can’t see, thanks to camera placement. Not only are the cameras capable of filming with impressive quality, but they are also carefully positioned. This allows you to focus on the action and the dealer without any distractions.

High-quality camera output and smaller sizes are only part of the equation. Another essential element of live dealer titles is optical character recognition software, abbreviated as OCR. The software scans everything the cameras see and compares it with its available data. This allows results and other details to be immediately visible on the screen without delay!

This software is a key part of the game control unit, which is attached to each table. It does several things at once, such as encoding the video stream and processing the information from the OCR software. If a live casino table were a car, the game control unit would be the engine. It is essential to have a good time playing live dealer games.

The cameras allow us to see the host and the action. Each table also has a monitor that tracks newcomers to the table and brief live chat logs. The monitor makes it easy for hosts to follow players, even if they’re constantly dealing cards. The monitor is often placed near the camera, making you feel like the dealer is always looking at you.

Streaming From Real World Casinos

In terms of technology, streaming from actual physical locations isn’t much different. Instead, minor adjustments need to be made so as not to disturb real players who might want to play it. For example, some versions streamed from real casinos also have monitors for bettors. This allows both online and offline players to chat while they play even though they are miles apart.

We are constantly amazed at the complexity of the systems that power trusted online casino singapore. Live casinos use many impressive technologies to make player enjoyment possible. This is the reason why the demo mode for these titles is rarely feasible. The extra cost is definitely worth it for software providers, given the popularity of these versions among gamers.

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