The “Pass” and “Come” bets

Pass bets are among the first bets you are allowed to place. There are two ways to win a Pass bet. The first is to get a seven or eleven. The second is to throw any number except two, three or twelve. These numbers are established as points. To win a Pass bet, you must restart the number of points before seven appear. If a seven lands before the number of points, you lose the Pass bet.

Come bets work by the same rules. What the interactive tutorial won’t tell you is that they can only be read after a dot has been established. Trying to bet on this position earlier will tell you to wait for a points throw. Similarly, once a point is established, you cannot place Pass bets.

These two bets are the only two bets that have their own negative fields. The “Don’t Pass” and “Don’t Come” bets are pretty self-explanatory. They grant an instant victory if the first numbers obtained are two or three. If a twelve is obtained, it results in a push. If a point number is selected, these two bets will give a payout if number seven is launched before the point number.


Unlike other bets, Hardways checks how you have reached the required number. There are four Hardways bets you can play here; Difficult 4, Hard 6, Hard 8 and Hard 10. To win these bets, players must roll a pair of resulting dice in this number before a seven. Using the hard 10 as an example, you’ll only win the cash prize if you get two fives. Throwing a seven or something like 6-4 will result in a loss.

Number of bets

Another simple bet is to win and lose bets for numbers four, five, six, eight, nine and ten. This bet is special because it does not require the point number to be drawn before selecting your number. To win the bet, the chosen number must be drawn before a seven. You can also bet for this number to lose, in which case you hope that a seven will appear before this number. These bets appear in easy mode, but only the winning number variants.

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